Color & Curl Co·Lab does not assume responsibility for information you have not read before booking


Color & Curl Co·Lab is located at 6512 Six Forks Rd Unit 204 A. 

Working Hours are Monday – Wednesday – Friday 9am-7pm.

Timing and booking

Booking happens on the 15th of every month. When booking your appointment, please choose the correct service you are seeking for timing reasons. If you do not choose the correct service, you may not get the style you are desiring. Flexi Rod appointments and Perm Rod appointments will be booked as overlapping appointments.


DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE. There is a 25% deposit due at the time of booking. Same day cancellations and no call no shows will be charged 100% of the appointment total. No call No shows will be blocked from being able to book with Color & Curl Co·Lab.

New Clients

All New clients must book under the new client services tab. No Exceptions. This ensures the provider and client have enough time to efficiently achieve the style and understand the information.

Haircolor Policy

New hair color appointments require a consultation on a separate day BEFORE your hair color service. This ensures the stylist can gain knowledge about the clients hair color history and hair health before agreeing to do the service. Olaplex No.3 will need to be purchased before or at checkout. There are absolutely no exceptions. Hair must be stretched out unless stylist specifically says otherwise.

What should I expect from the Curl Culture community?

The Curl Culture Services is for those who are seeking to learn their curls in a new way. This service covers products, usage, and the WHY! These clients are ready to possibly ditch all of their old hair products in exchange for products that work and support the health and longevity of your hair with your hair goals in mind. It is recommended after starting the curl rehab in the 30 day detox that you begin to wash your hair every 7 to 10 days to form healthy habits of resetting your hair and giving it the appropriate hydration it needs to thrive.

What should I expect from the Silk Press Services

When getting a service under the Silk Press tab, you are getting a wholistic treatment of hair and scalp. Clients seeking these services are ready to follow healthy hair practices in order for your salon visits to benefit you at optimum satisfaction. Some of these services come with steam treatments, Olaplex treatments, or Trims. FIRST TIME CLIENTS MUST BOOK “NEW CLIENT SILK PRESS”

How often do you recommend trimming your hair?

I recommend trimming every 10-16 weeks depending on your growth pattern and lifestyle. If you know your hair begins to split at a certain time, get them cut sooner than later. No product revives dead.

What Olaplex do you use in the salon?

Use Olaplex 1 in your hair color formulation or as a stand alone treatment followed by number 2. I suggest Olaplex 0 and 3 or just Olaplex 3 based on your desired need.

What Amino Acid Treatment do you use? And what does it do?

I use the Design Essentials Amino Acid Treatment. This treatment usually lasts between six and 12 weeks before it needs to be applied again. You can wear your hair straight or curly with the amino acid treatment. It reduces the hair swelling and frizziness bye depositing amino acids into the hair shaft. This is in no way like a relaxer. A relaxer breaks disulfide bonds of the hair and reforms them. The DEAAT washes off over time.

What products do you use in the salon?

I am brand agnostic which means I am not dedicated, or tied to one specific line. I use different shampoo, conditioner, and styling agents depending on your specific request and hair need.

What products do you sell at the salon?

In retail, we have Olaplex, Innersense, Uncle Funkys Daughter Curly Magic, AG Naturals, and Kenra silk press serum and blow dry cream.

How do I become a new client?

Option 1: You can fill out an inquiry form that is located HERE.

Option 2: You can schedule a 30 minute new client consultation that talks over your current hair regimen, and gives a follow up email of general Color and Curl Co•Lab theory.

Option 3: If you know what to book based off information provided on the website, you can book a service that fits your needs under the new client tab on the booking page.

Silk Press FAQs

** Disclaimer **: If you hair is dehydrated, your silk press longevity will be around four to seven days.

Prep for your appointment: Hair should be taken out of any previous style and  completely detangled. Clients cannot have used oils or waxes in their hair 14 days prior to silk press appointment. If so, wash your hair with Kinky Curly Come Clean or Malibu Un-doo Goo.

Clarify Your Hair: As stated, if any oil or wax was used in styling your hair in the last 14 days please clarify with Malibu Un-Doo Goo or Kinky Curly Come Clean. If residue is present in the hair upon appointment, this can result in heat damage.

After Care: Products applied are heat activated, do not add any extra products after appointment. This will cause heat damage and product build-up. Clients are advised to wash their hair within seven to ten days post appointment.

Why is my hair frizzy after a silk press: Two major reasons why your hair will frizz up after a silk press. First, It may be dehydrated. If you are not using the correct products, shampooing, often, or wearing a lot of protective styles, your hair is dehydrated. Your hair will find any opportunity to acquire hydration. This is how frizzing happens. Second reason may be because of your hair type. Fine, cottony hair types are usually porous. Highly porous hair gains and releases moisture fairly quickly which results in frizzing hair.

Science behind silk press: Silk press is using an anti-humectant to stop the hair from reverting or frizzing out. It’s not one single product that creates the silk effect. it starts with the detox of all buildup and minerals, then the balance of pH through conditioning. and finally, the products and process of the blow dry and flatiron.