Silk Presses at Tamed Tresses

A Silk Press is a way to temporarily straighten your naturally curly hair. This is done without the use of chemicals but with processes and certain products that give your hair a silky straight finish. Here at Tamed Tresses, we accomplish a silk press utilizing the Olaplex product line. If you have yet to be serviced at Tamed Tresses, you will have to go through the New Client Experience to ensure we are giving your hair the appropriate attention. This also helps us get to know you, your hair, and build a refining going forward.

Silk Press FAQs

Prep for your appointment

Hair should be taken out of any previous style and  completely detangled. Clients cannot have used oils or waxes in their hair 14 days prior to silk press appointment. If so, wash your hair with Kinky Curly Come Clean or Malibu Un-doo Goo.

Clarify your hair

As stated, if any oil or wax was used in styling your hair in the last 14 days please clarify with Malibu Un-Doo Goo or Kinky Curly Come Clean. If residue is present in the hair upon appointment, this can result in heat damage.

** Disclaimer **

If you hair is dehydrated, your silk press longevity will be around four to seven days.

After Care

Products applied are heat activated, do not add any extra products after appointment. This will cause heat damage and product build-up. Clients are advised to wash their hair within seven to ten days post appointment.

Why is my hair frizzy after a silk press?

Two major reasons why your hair will frizz up after a silk press. First, It may be dehydrated. If you are not using the correct products, shampooing, often, or wearing a lot of protective styles, your hair is dehydrated. Your hair will find any opportunity to acquire hydration. This is how frizzing happens. Second reason may be because of your hair type. Fine, cottony hair types are usually porous. Highly porous hair gains and releases moisture fairly quickly which results in frizzing hair.

Science behind Silk Presses

Silk press is using an anti-humectant to stop the hair from reverting or frizzing out. It’s not one single product that creates the silk effect. it starts with the detox of all buildup and minerals, then the balance of pH through conditioning. and finally, the products and process of the blow dry and flatiron.